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4.4 Internet Backups

Internet backup services are great if you are a “Road Warrior” and want to limit what you take with you. Be aware you loose privacy of your data if you use these services and as a result should use some type of data security. These services are not designed for making images of the boot drive in real time however, you could make a image and atempt a transfer at some off hour. Most images from XP forward are at least 3GB  in size which makes transferring them a slow slow process. You could also use these for a home / office backup if you do not want to go through what I have outlined for you in 1.1. I do not recommend using this as your only backup type since you have no control over the vendors longevity , honesty or performance. If you do decide to use a Internet Backup Service make sure you read the fine print in the contract with regard to if they can make your files available no matter what happens to them.

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