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4.3 Nonstop Backups


Nonstop or Time Slice backups make a backup at a fixed interval like 5 minutes of the current data you are working on for tight revision control. Every time you release a program a snapshot is made if that program is on your list to be backed up. Some Time Slice take snapshots of the program data in question when the file is still being used. This backup can use the same drive you use for local or archival (preferred) backups if space permits.

Above is a quick look at the “Nonstop Backup” module in the latest version of  Acronis True Image Home. This is a invaluable product if you know how to use it. As you can see I brought up the file versions tab for my “Outlook.pst” file. There are 43 versions taken since about a month ago some at very close frequencies. This is already a months worth.  My backups run twice daily and weekly so I will use the purge option to remove all files prior to 7/11/10. This is a very important maintenance to preform because you can quickly fill about a lot of space. The other feature to use is select ONLY what you need not the entire drive. There are a lot of files constantly being update in the operating system , being that you are taking regular images this is a lot of un-necessary baggage to cary in your non-stop file area.
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