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6 How To Avoid Calling For Help


In the past five sections we have explained the following concepts:


  1. Creating and using Virtual Machines so you can test and learn BEFORE committing to your main computer
  2. Partitioning hard drives so various areas such as the operating system, data and temporary file areas are separated
  3. The concept of imaging your operating system to help you recover from serious problems
  4. How to secure your data using proven backup techniques… and
  5. Proactively optimizing your system using simple tools.


The above issues were addressed in order 1 through 5 because you need to understand them in sequence to be a good proactive user.  So let us look at what to do to avoid calling for help.


Follow these simple concepts to keep you out of trouble.

  • BUY MAJOR BRAND NAMES  – Stay away from buying off brand hardware unless you like fixing things yourself 0r are technically apt on computers
  • GET SERVICE CONTRACTS  – If you have just bought any new hardware without a manufacturers service contract go back an get one. This is the least expensive way of staying proactive. Most complete service contracts that cover your hardware for a fixed period cost less then 5 to10% of the equipment cost and can be renewed on a on going basis . Accidental damage policies go from 8 to 13% and cover drops , spills step-on and Pit Bull attacks. You can not get a service company to come in the door for a look at that price. In most cases the factory agent will come to your home or place of business to make the repair (fixing portables is not a do it yourself project, this is a bad idea since most new technology snaps together and can be easily damaged)
  • FORGET SOFTWARE SUPPORT CONTRACTS – Software support should only be purchased as needed unless you are using highly complex or specialized programs. DO NOT USE SUPPORT FORUMS ON THE INTERNET. If you find a manufactures site that is updated by the manufacturer these are normally safe and accurate.  My software support rule is never spend more then one hour on a problem before calling the manufacturer for help.
  • TAKE A CLASS – Like my “Proactive User Class” to learn proper methods of keeping your computers running without opening the hood. Educated users save money because they know when to pickup the phone.
  • FIND A CONSULTANT – Typically a good consultant only sells their time for advice not hardware and supplies. They may do the work they advised you on themselves or make several recommendations. 

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