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2.2 Partition Uses

Let’s review a couple of the reasons for partitioning a drive:

    1-To seperate your important irreplaceable data from your replaceable operating system and programs.
    2-Partitions allow you to keep the temporary , log and other junk files from getting mixed in with the data
    3-Partitions can give you an area to add another operating system, handy when switching from one version to another (this what we did at the end of 2.1)
    4-You can reorganize your drive and free up disk space using partitions
    5-Images require a seperate volume so making a partition is a good way to allow you to keep an exact copy of your operating system with allowing a quick recovery from software failure (this will be covered in detail in next months lesson on images)
    NOTE:Partitions will not save your butt if your physical hard drive has a hardware failure.



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