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About proactiveuser.com

During the past 33 years I have seen countless instances of people waiting until AFTER something has gone wrong to prepare for disaster.  Success with computers is based on being Proactive not Reactive. Stop chasing your tail when your computer goes wild. Take my class or read on and learn to be proactive so you don’t have to be reactive! I realize that a lot of you can not take my class so I have decided to publish it over the course of one year. This will not be as enlightening as learning all that wil be presented in my class  however, it will give you the big picture.

This is not a blog to answer questions in TECH SPEAK but a place where I will share my expierence with you in plain english to help you learn to be a proactive user. If your tired of relying on information you don’t understand from the internet or worst yet having to redo your work then ProactiveUser classes or this blog are your starting point. Learning ProactiveUser skils is for anyone with basic computer skills that wants to prepare for disasters.



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