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1 Virtual Machines (VM)

The first thought that may cross your mind is “virtual what I thought this was a entry level class and now your are talking virtual machines”. Well it is not as bad as you think we will use a virtual machine throughout the class to keep you from trashing your real machine (computer). Let’s get a quick and simple definition of a virtual machine:

Simply put a virtual machine in the computer world is a software copy of a real computer. The virtual machine can be moved from computer to computer (in most cases) and still work the same.

Note:In industry the type of virtual machine we use is called ” Desktop Virtualization ”

Make sense?
You might respond OK that’s clear however, why would I want to do that?
Let me give you some common reasons:

    1-Have you ever added software to your computer and have it stop working? If you did this on virtual machine you could just start over by throwing the virtual machine out and reloading the last copy.
    2-Do you have any old applications that you still want to use however, you have not been able to get them to work on your new computer and you did not want to pay for the new version and learn all over again?
    3-Have you ever wanted to go back to some program you were using 10 years ago and check some data entries at that point in time?

All three of the above are samples of what you can do with VM’s.

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NOTE From now on we will refer to virtual machines as VM to save space


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